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10 ways to avoid author’s block!

10 ways to avoid author’s block!

10 ways to avoid author’s

Try as hard as you may, you just don’t get in that “zone”.
You scribble every word you write and press delete more than you press on the letter because that was just not it! This is because instead of being in the “writer’s zone” you’re in an “author’s block zone”. It is a creative slump that writers get trapped into more often than ever. However, if it remains unchecked, you will impede your writing for days at a stretch. 
So, all my friends who think they’ve gotten themselves trapped in this slump, you have reached the right place. Hold our hand as we pull you through it with some amazing hacks!
Enhance your workspace

1. Enhance your workspace

A good and tranquil place does wonders for your mind. When you are surrounded by the things you like the most and are comfortable, your mind is at ease and you’ll be able to relax your strained nerves and work better.  Things and aura around your workspace affect your work in great proportions. So, enhance your workspace as per your choices!

Involve your other senses

2. Involve your other senses

When you put too much pressure on your mind, it tends to shut down. Like an electrical shutdown. Your thought process just stops. In this case, involve your other sense. Light an incense stick or aroma candles, play music or engage yourself in other creative work like painting. Inhale and exhale through all other sensory organs so that you can give rest to your break. And you’ll see, once your brain is back at work it will feel much rejuvenated.
Walk. Walk. Walk

3. Walk. Walk. Walk

Go for a walk outside your home/office space. Fresh and open air outside your closed space will do wonders for your overall aura. You will be light and more energetic. It might also give you new ideas to work on or add the missing touch to your existing work.

Try writing prompt(s)

4. Try writing prompt(s)

Sometimes diverging your mind to something else helps a lot. Try finding random prompts and writing on them. Even if it means writing only a few lines. Use different prompts to help your brain shrug off the burden of writing previously and work and think creatively about entirely different topics.

5. Read

Many a time your brain is fed up listing and processing your own thought. It wants to know and feel different emotions and creative preludes of others. Reading helps the brain to listen to what other peoples say while keeping quiet for a while. This will also help in enhancing your thoughts.

Make writing a habit

6. Make writing a habit

Many a time, author block stays with your days, even months. In this case, never stop writing. Instead, write every day. Make writing a habit and don’t let your brain go into a deep slumber. Set aside a time in your calendar and write. Even if thoughts don’t come up, write rubbish. But write.

Move ahead, write further

7. Move ahead, write further

If you’re stuck mid-way, leave that part and move ahead. You can always leave the part where you are stuck and engage your mind to think beyond that phase. If you’re clear about the climax of the story, write that and come back to complete it.

Sleep on it

8. Sleep on it

Carry your ideas wherever you go and keep thinking about them. Keep your creative juices flowing. Explore all the alternatives in your mind. Keep thinking. It may even take days, but when you’re ready, write it down.


9. Ask help

There is nothing wrong with seeking help. Instead, it opens ways for new avenues. Everyone has different imagination and thought process. When you ask another person, they might give you a completely new outlook which your might have not imagined. They give you a newer perspective for you to write on.

Let your subconscious take over

10. Let your subconscious take over

It is mysterious and amazing how when you leave things aside and forget about them, your subconscious mind takes over. When your subconscious is done with its work,  it will come back with fresh eyes and new thoughts. 

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