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We Know

Writing is lonely. Publishing is scary. Marketing is frustrating.

That is why we are here. To ease your pain and increase your gain!

No matter where you are in your journey, whether you have completed writing your manuscript or still struggling with the book idea, we become your guide to mentor you every step of the way.

Everyone wants to become an Author. But ask yourself ‘Why’?

What is your Goal with becoming a Published Author?

Career Booster

I want to write a book to build authority in my professional community and accelerate my corporate career.

Business Accelerator

I want to write a book to position myself as an expert in my field and scale by business.

Novel Career

I want to build a full-time fiction author career by creating stories and publishing unforgettable novels & series.

Legacy Creator

I want to inspire the world with a single book, life story, or memoir that creates an impact and leaves a lasting legacy behind.

Not sure which Publishing Path is right for you?

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The next one could be YOU!

Author Testimonials

Don’t believe us? Hear them out.

Tushita (Academician)

Charu (Homemaker)

Manojit (Sr. Leader)

Dr. Shiva (Doctor)

How Our Revolutionary Process works

“If the path isn’t clear, ask someone who’s walked it before. Someone who will not just tell you how they did it, but also walk alongside you to show you how you can.”
We believe that each one of us is capable of giving one-of-a-kind masterpieces in the literary world. And to make it prosper, we provide relentless support to our Beeja Community. We make sure to carve the best author out of them with their sheer dedication and perseverance. And in the journey of doing so, we do all that we can.
We help you, help yourself.
With our Mentoring, Publishing, Marketing, and Branding we empower you with all that it takes to pen a beautiful book – be it Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, Anthology, or Autobiography. It’s time now – time to sow your seed, your Beeja!

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Right after saying YES, you will complete the sign-up formalities, so that we can kick-start your mentored publishing journey.


Meet Your Mentor - Discovery Call with Geetika Saigal

The 1st step is the best one, where you get to meet Geetika 1-on-1 face-to-face in an online meeting. Get prepared to pour your heart out to her, and let her unveil her magic guidance to help you envisage the ‘bigger picture’ and build a plan that will help you achieve your craziest dreams.


Regular 1-on-1 Mentoring with Geetika

You heard it right! Based on which path you choose, you will get a milestone-based plan to meet up in 1-on-1 meetings, where she will mentor you step-by-step during your writing, publishing & marketing journeys.


Join India’s Most Powerful Author MasterMind!

Want to be amongst CXOs, Entrepreneurs, PhDs, Doctors & even young students?! Irrespective of which path you choose, you will get access to regular weekend MasterMind sessions where you will be able to mingle, network & learn from those just like yourself in the same journey as you.


Hit Your Goals And More!

Through the Mentorship with Geetika, the support of the Mastermind Community, and the work of our book publishing and marketing team, you will not only become a Published Author but also so much more.


Reap the Results

Enjoy the moment when everything changes - the way the world sees you, the way your family treats you, the way you feel about yourself. And that will be just the beginning of your new-found success journey.


What You Get With Beeja House

You get the spotlight on yourself and make yourself a brand!

Whether you want to become a full-time serial author, position yourself as an expert, use your book as a launching pad for your business, build an online course, or simply publish a book to leave a legacy, we will help you achieve your author goals. We help you, help yourself. When you choose us, we empower you with all that it takes to pen a beautiful book – be it Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, Anthology, or Autobiography. It’s time now – time to sow your seed, your Beeja!

Mentorship with Geetika

Get priceless 1-on-1 guidance from a Bestselling Author, 5 x TEDx Speaker, Award Winning Coach & Global Thought-Leader

India’s Most Powerful Author Mastermind

Be a part of a community of CXOs, Entrepreneurs, PhDs, Doctors & even young students, where you will mingle, network, & learn from those just like yourself in the same journey as you.

Customised Path

You are unique. And so should be your path! Get a personalised plan set-up to hit your authorship goals.

End-to-End Experience

We leave no stone unturned. Which is why, we can help you all the way from crystalizing your book idea, to creating a structure of a well-formed book, to giving you editorial tips on impactful writing, all the way to Publishing your book, Marketing it and even helping you to use it as a launchpad for your business!

Dedicated Consultant, forever

As you grow, so do your goals! Which is why our support team is there for you even after completing your publishing goals, so you always have a buddy to reach out to.

And beyond!

Yes, there’s more. If you are curious, set up your FREE consultation now!

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