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Best Selling Authors to Build a Powerful Personal Brand

Get Ready to hit your biggest goals using a bestselling book as your launchpad

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Geetika Saigal

Geetika is Amazon No-1 best selling author, 5 times TEDx speaker & multi award winning success coach, on a mission to help you in making your "book writing dream a reality".

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Who is this workshop for?

Corporate Professionals
Self Employed
PhD Doctorates
Coaches & Trainers
Business Owners

It's time to turn your dream into reality with my 5 day book writing masterclass, don't worry it’s not as complicated as you think.

Writing Your Book Will Help You.

Share Your Story With The World

Connect With People, Make An Impact.

Create Legacy & Build Personal Brand.

Change Your Life Financially.

Forget Hesitation & Build Self Confidence.

However, you might be stuck in the process or haven’t started at all.

Challenges To Solutions, before you publish your DREAM Book!

Who am I to publish a book ➡ I too can publish my book NOW!

I am not as good as other writers ➡ I can become an author in just 90 days

Will I be the best selling author ➡ You have your unique writing and no one can write the way you write.

Stuck somewhere in the writing process ➡ A simple, easy and quick writing blueprint.

And I'm here to help with any such challenges

5 Day Book Writing Masterclass

How to get the right idea for your book

Use my own process to find the book idea that suits your personality and your goals

How to write your book

We will discuss how you can set up your writing practice, to make sure that the first manuscript is created on time.

How to market your book

If you don’t market your book, no one will. Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, the strategies discussed in the workshop will help you put your books in the hands of your audience!

What you will Learn

Meet Geetika , where she will share the Top Secrets of Best-Selling Authors & Thought-Leaders to Write, Publish & Market your first book (and second and third!).

Learn inside Industry secrets of the Publishing World to Get Published

The Grand Finale on Sunday is grand indeed! Get ready to uncover the power of your book to accelerate your professional & life goals and learn the inside industry secrets of the publishing world. It's time to learn how to become a Published Author of a Bestselling Book - the strongest & fastest way to build your identity, win trust, gain respect & accelerate your growth.

Time: 4:00pm - 7:00pm, Sunday

MasterClass on Zoom with Geetika + Q&A session

Meet Geetika LIVE, where she will share the Top Secrets of Best-Selling Authors & Thought-Leaders to Write, Publish & Market your first book (and second and third!). The LIVE session will cover -

Why one of the First Things you should do before starting to write is not to set a topic, but this One Thing.
The secret list of "Writing Exercises" that your YouTube videos, books and gurus will probably never tell you about!
The One Simple Trick to transform your inability to WRITE and MARKET your book…….so you don’t have to struggle again publishing professionally.
The SECRET to writing impactfully in your book and OWN it.... to Go from Blank Page to Bestselling Author

Meet Geetika , where she will share the Top Secrets of Best-Selling Authors & Thought-Leaders to Write, Publish & Market your first book (and second and third!).

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Ultimate Bonus Ever:
The BESTSELLER Method Bundle!

❌Not just another blog post or video on YouTube on social media telling you to write your book.

❌Not even a video that random "guru" says about writing a book

✅This bonus video course cracks the code of being a best-selling author(confidential).

✅I have spent multiple evenings for researching & Compressed it into a Course.

And you only get it when you sign up to my 5 day Book Writing Masterclass!

Know your coach!

You are special.
There is a reason you are here.

If I guessed it right, you've always had a feeling you were made for something more - to forge your own path and contribute something meaningful to the world. Most wish, few do.
Hi, I’m Geetika,
and I’m on a mission to help you do it - to go from a Dreamer to a Doer.

When I wrote my first book, Finding Your G-Spot, it was by accident, a by-product of my own self-discovery journey.

It became an instant Bestseller! Doors started to open up, ones which I had not even dreamt of, such as speaking on the TEDx stage 5 times!

Then 2020 struck! A time for a change for everyone and life as we know it. I realised it was time to pen my next book, The Changing Room, a new-age guide to surviving & thriving in an ever-changing world.

That too became a Bestseller! I launched my Coaching career, won multiple awards and started to impact lives across 30 countries & 400 cities. But nobody tells you this one truth - the journey isn’t easy. I decided to help others write a book and use that as a launchpad to fulfil their goals.

The BESTSELLER Method to write a book is a fool-proof step-by-step process that I’ve taught in my first-of-it’s-kind workshop to thousands of CXOs, TEDx Speakers, PhDs, Doctors, Engineers & even students! But the more I engaged, I realized there was always a deeper ‘Why’,behind wanting to become a published author.

Beeja House - India’s 1st & Only Mentored Publishing House, a place to sow the seeds of your future, was born.

Get mentored by me, get guidance from my team & get inspired from India’s most powerful Author MasterMind group of like-minded soon-to-be-authors, just like yourself.

Join us. Let me help you help yourself, by empowering you with all that you need to write, publish, market your book and build a strong personal brand that accelerates your career & adds the fuel to your dreams.

“A self-help book like no other: soul-stirring, thought-provoking” –

Testimonials Straight From My Students!

Your Certification From Beeja House

By investing your time, effort & money in enhancement of your capabilities you open up new opportunities in your career


Showcases Your Core Skills

Fuel your career growth, demonstrate your capabilities & get more opportunities by adding certificates to your CV & applications.

Adds Credibility to Your Professional Profile

Build recognition of your competency and enhance the quality of your profile by posting on your LinkedIn, Groups & Forums.

Grows your Personal Brand

Demonstrate your commitment to continuous learning and professional growth to create your unique identity & gain a competitive edge in the market.

Still wondering to get inside this workshop?

This is for you if,
You have always wanted to write a book, but have somehow hesitated.
You feel shy in marketing yourself.
You are looking for step-by-step guidance for the whole process - from finalizing the book idea to becoming a best-seller author.
You have a bucket of stories that you want to share with the world.
You are concerned about your writing practice.


Write, publish & market your book like best selling authors


Learn how to

Find the right book idea
Learn How to structure your book.
Build a writing practice
Learn how to make your book a bestseller, through innovative marketing strategies.

And bonuses too...

Lifetime Access to ‘The BESTSELLER Method’ Online Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get lifetime access to the program?

Yes. You will get lifetime access to all the video recordings. You will not get access to the live session.

Will I get a certificate on completion of the program?

Yes. All courses come with a Certificate of Completion, which is downloadable once you complete the course.

Do I need to have a book idea or a manuscript ready before I sign up?

Nope. We will be building your book idea from scratch.