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Geetika Saigal, Pioneers India’s First Mentored Publishing Platform With Beeja House, To Turn People Into Brands And Stories Into Books

Geetika Saigal, founder of Beeja House, launches BBL, the ultimate launchpad for Authors in 2023

Geetika Saigal launches MBA Awards to honour unique stories of success

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For those of you who don't know me, I live next to the sea, surrounded by lush green forests and wake up everyday to the chirp of birds and the endless expanse of sea & sky.

I work mostly from my balcony above or from under the tree in my garden, with a coffee by my side and purposeful, driven, ambitious people on the other side of my laptop screen - whom I help to craft the book of their dreams and build their powerful personal brands....


> Become immortal - Go from blank page to Bestselling Author
> Become a thought-leader - Reach the TEDx Stage
> Become a power brand - Dominate your industry with Authority
> Become unstoppable - Start & Scale your dream venture

But this didn't happen overnight....
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It all started with a book....

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    Unlock the Writer Within: Master the Mindset to Plan, Pen, and Publish Your Book, Blockage-Free!

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    From Blank Page to First Draft in Just 15 Days: Let's Co-Write a lightning fast first draft and Bring Your Book to Life!

  • Manuscript to Masterpiece

    Infuse Your Voice, Craft Your Legacy: Learn to Personalize Your Book and Make it Unmistakably Yours!

  • To Print To Publish

    From Manuscript to Global Bestseller: Let Our Expert Team Transform and Launch Your Book in 150 Countries—Both in Print and Digital!

  • Sales & Marketing

    Sit Back, Relax, and Earn: We Take Care of the Printing and Shipping hassles, While Royalties Roll into Your Pocket!

  • Brand Builder

    Let's Make Your Book Trend! Amplify Your Masterpiece's Buzz with Our Social Media Magic and Pave Your Path to Bestseller Status!

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    Destined for Indian Bookshelves and Bestseller Lists: Let's Elevate Your Book and Brand to Unparalleled Heights!

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