Once Upon a Time…

It all started with a book.

A book called Finding Your G-Spot,

in which the author shared a raw, honest journey of her learnings through life. Little did she know at the time that besides inspiring & guiding her readers to re-discover, re-align & re-define their life paths, she had done herself a big favour too.

She had, albeit unconsciously,

set into motion a new life path for herself.

One that took her to a wall full of awards and days filled with much love from readers. Doors opened. Ones that she had never thought to even seek. Rays of sunlight & hope, peeked in through windows. The world was reaching out to her so some of her grey cells could travel down to their usually younger, sponge-like minds. One fine day, she got an email from TEDx. The world’s most prestigious platform invited her to speak on a topic close to every author’s heart - Reviving the Art (and Habit) of Reading!

The Domino was very much in motion. More talks, more invites, more meetings, more sharing, many more TEDx Talks, until once again the right brain joined hands with the left.

“Why not purposefully share my learnings with others?”,

she asked herself. And just like that, Beeja Education was born. The name came later, but it all started with a purpose. "I’m on a mission", she used to say , “To Help You, Help Yourself”. Packed into neat online courses, webinars & workshops, that taught others the Mindset, Skillset & Habits it takes to succeed in the real world.

Every good story has a twist.

This one had not just a twist, but a whole circle.

It had started with a book, and it led to the next one. Whilst the e-learning industry was busy making millions in the wake of 2020 and the rest were battling the total upheaval to life, she realised that someone needed to do some straight-talking. Letting go of our basic instinct to focus on making hay while the sunshines, she re-focused her attention to pen her thoughts into a new-age Playbook to help you survive & succeed in uncertain times - The Changing Room.

And change it did - the life of many and hers too once again.

“In today’s noisy, cluttered world,

we need a medium to share our thoughts and learnings, stories and fantasies, and carve out an identity of our own to build our own Personal Brand. How? Write a book! Beeja House was born! What started with reviving the habit of reading led to mentoring to write your book.

Welcome to Beeja House.

Here starts the journey of making multiple dreams come true. The dream of being a published author. The dream to be someone not-so-ordinary.

At Beeja House, we provide conscious efforts to help our authors conceptualise, curate, add frills, and serve the best version of what they want to present to the world.

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1-on-1 sessions

with the authors, combined with group sessions and Author MasterMinds give authors an insight into the do’s and don’ts of the literary world.

We help you, help yourself. 

With our Mentoring, Publishing, Marketing and Branding we empower you with all that it takes to pen a beautiful book – be it Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, Anthology or Autobiography. 

It’s time now – time to sow your seed, your Beeja.


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