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Arvind Dang, Industry-Leader, turns Author with his handbook ‘Ethics’, launched by Beeja House

New Delhi [India] July 5 (ANI/ATK): “What can go wrong in each business activity?” This simple, yet profound question has given many a sleepless night to every business owner, entrepreneur & corporate professional. Arvind Dang has answered this at length in his book titled ‘Ethics in the real estate and hospitality industry (Volume 1 – Architectural, Interior Design and MEP Services), launched globally by India’s one and only mentored publishing house. The author has probed this question by deep diving into these three oceans of design processes and capturing the answers in a structured manner.


The word “ethics” refers to the moral principles or values that enable us to do the right things. In a broader sense, ethics include integrity, objectivity, professional competence, confidentiality, and professional behaviour. In the context of “business ethics”, the author Arvind Dang, has made an honest attempt in this handbook to examine business activities in “project design and engineering functions” in any construction organisation at the micro-level and identify potential activities that can adversely affect business performance.


God lies in details, is the famous proverb. And thus, Arvind Dang, with his engineering and management background and extensive working experience in the Engineering and Real estate industries, has penned a handbook that acts as a guide to all professionals associated with Architecture, Interior Design & MEP Engineering.


This handbook is based on a comprehensive analysis of 91 business processes performed by design professionals. It identifies 900+ activities in these processes that, if performed correctly, will enable significant improvements in the quality of design and construction, project cost optimization, and customer-focused delivery. Timely and accurate implementation of these activities would also facilitate statutory compliances and increased efficiency in designing processes.


The handbook would be valuable to architects, interior designers, MEP engineers and project managers, internal auditors/risk managers, students pursuing these professions, and CEOs in driving higher sales revenues, profitability, and customer satisfaction.


The author, Arvind Dang ), is a mechanical engineer from the Delhi College of Engineering and an MBA from the University Business School, Chandigarh, Punjab, India. He has also obtained ISO 9001 certification for Quality systems from Cranfield University, U.K.; CISA-Certification from ISACA, U.S.A and BS7799 certification for Information security from BSL, U.K. Arvind has served as a President of The Institute of Internal Auditors, Delhi Chapter, and been a governing board member of ISACA, Delhi. With a rich professional experience of 41 years in the Engineering and Real Estate Industry, he retired as the President-procurement and corporate services of a prominent real estate company in India.


Geetika Saigal, Founder & CEO of Beeja House says, “Arvind Dang’s rich and profound life experience is reflected in his book, which burnishes rookies and experienced professionals alike.”


Currently, Arvind is a freelance management consultant. His debut masterpiece will help professionals in the real estate and hospitality industry to find technical and accurate answers to improving Design Quality, optimising Costs, and delivering a top-notch service while meeting statutory compliances.

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