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Visioners of Tomorrow

Go-getters are visionaries who envision and shape the future. The ever-evolving technologies have armed these new-age hustlers to reimagine the world. With the advent of Web 3.0, the future looks even more unpredictable, yet intriguing. The Go-getters of 2022 are these thinkers, disruptors, and change-makers who will give us a peek into tomorrow, today and crystal gaze us into the universe ‘we are programmed to receive’. They are the change they want to bring about in the world. 

Are you Eligible?

If your game has a cut above the rest, it is for you. Scout the field you ace in to carve a niche for yourself.


The ultimate storytellers who dazzle the literary space with their sensitivity and sensibility. They inspire, entertain and create their own legacy through the power of the written word


Disrupting their industries and creating new businesses is their groove on which the whole world shakes its legs. They conceptualize, they create, and then they cultivate success!

Corporate Leaders

The catalyst for many incense burners to glow brighter and stronger. They are the wind beneath the wings of many professionals and for their company, of course.

Change-makers/Thought Leaders

It is the idea that set change into motion. It is the idea that creates all the difference. An idea is what changes your life. Thought leaders are those significant individuals whose ideas invoked questions and change the world around them for good!

Social Media Influencers

In today’s world creativity blooms every second and how! But have you wondered what makes it beautiful every single time? Well, it is the superlative power of content curators and influencers. Channelizing their talent & creating unique content to reach the masses through the power of social media is what they aim for.

Sneak-Peek at the Awards Event

A glimpse into an extravagant star-lit night of accolades and recognition!

Meet & Greet

– Red-Carpet Welcome for the Awardees

– Welcome Kit for All Attendees

– Chai & Chai-pe-charcha (Tea & Networking opportunities)


– Keynote Welcome Address by Geetika

– Lighting of Lamp by distinguished Guests

Inspiring Talks & Candid Conversations

– Inspiring Talks by Our Speakers

Panel discussions to ignite thoughts & conversations

The Awards!

– Mention of All Award Nominees

– Announcement of Award Winners in each category!

– On-stage Felicitation of Awardees with Trophy

– Unveiling of the Me-Brand Accelerator Awards Coffee-Table Boo

The Cocktail Hour

– Drinks & Dinner

– Network & Mingle

– Celebrate & Rejoice

Award Categories

For all those who put their heart and soul in bringing their brain-child to the world!

Author Awards

– Best Author Non-Fiction
 Literary work brought about through imagination and creativity. It is all about your perception and presentation of thoughts..
– Best Author Non-Fiction
 Literary work that mirrors real-life incidents. They can be memoirs, autobiographies, or just a slice of life.
– Best Children’s Author 
They may look young but their words speak louder than their age. It is for kids (5-18 years) who excel in their writing skills.
– Best Debut Author
Author who made heads turn with their first novel. For the one who stands out when it comes to writing and evocating thoughts.
– Inspirational Author Award
There are stories that give us strength and hope to look through the dark clouds. A bow to the author who instills that hope in all of us.
– Crime Fiction Author Award
This goes to the author that made us glued to that cliffhanger and kept us on the edge of our seats to solve a crime.
– Mythology Author Award
Literary work that dives deep into our roots and past to unfold the hidden labyrinths of mythology.
– Action & Adventure Author Award
The author who made our adrenaline rush through the veins with his/her fast-paced incidents and quests.
– Contemporary Fiction Author Award
Coming-of-age book with which we all resonate and feel connected. It is for the author who captured the essence of today’s life.
– Out of the Box Concept Author Award
Some ideas do not fit in the box created by us as a society. It is for an idea that broke the glass ceiling and made a way for itself.
– Best Spiritual Read Author Award
In a world full of chaos a book that comes with peace. Kudos to the author for bringing in that much-needed calmness in life.

Entrepreneur Awards

– Entrepreneur of the Year (Consumer Business)
A business owner or founder of an organization offering/retailing consumer products or services to the consumer directly
– Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year (Business Transformation)
A business owner or founder of an organization, who has led the progressive change in adopting an effective business model or set up a new mark in the industry
-Social Entrepreneur of the Year
Founder/owner of an organization in a business that directly or indirectly creates social awareness/improvement.
– Creative Entrepreneur of the Year
Founder/owner of any organization which has led to a transformation in the business through sheer creativity.
– Young Entrepreneur of the Year
A business owner who has achieved significantly in his entrepreneurial venture at a young age (must be 35 years or less of age as on 31st Dec 2022)
– Student Entrepreneur of the Year
Did you start writing your business plan alongside that all-important essay, whether you’re in school, college or university, if you’ve been juggling your studies with your start-up, why not challenge your inner young-apprentice, and compete to take home the ‘Student Entrepreneur of the Year’ 2022 title.
– Green Entrepreneur of the Year
This entrepreneur will specialize in environmental industries, clean tech and sustainability. There will be clear evidence of their positive environmental impact and their business’s ability to create positive change and influence thinking.
– Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
A business owner (woman) who has achieved remarkable success in her entrepreneurial venture.
– Game Changer of the Year
Employee/Project Leader who has led and navigated the path to success for him and the entire team. The real force behind the company’s success.

Leadership Awards

– CEO of the Year Award
An individual who helped the company transform quickly on the face of difficulties faced during the past year/covid era.
– Outstanding Leader Award
Who will be our inaugural outstanding leader for 2022? The outstanding leader will not only epitomize all the key criteria for their nominated category but demonstrate in all aspects of their life that they are a leader of leaders.
– Inspiring Leader Award
Most simply leads, but a few inspire others to reach the epitome of their personal greatness. This award goes to the leader that inspires, ignites and instills greatness in each team member.
– Future Leader Award
Awarded to the emerging leader who can best demonstrate leadership courage and influence, inspiring dedication and motivation to achieve team goals.

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