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Closure – Dr. Chitra Reddy

The door banged shut
as stealing her heart
she walked out the door
she was falling apart
leaving a trail of memories
like wet feet on a stone floor…
Tears welled
and fell on the asphalt
larger than the raindrops
that hit the road
would it tear her apart
or could it wash away
the pain untold?
The years flashed by
in a thick haze
as she searched in vain
for happy memories…
’twas like filtering 
oil from the rain.
She closed her eyes
waiting for the pain
yet as she opened them
none came…
that hurt her more 
than all the strain
was she just numb 
or was she just drained?
Her life, it flashed
in fits and starts
she waited and waited 
for the good parts
to mask the rest
and cleanse her heart.
No hate, no love
’twas just a blank
like washed-out paint
she had him to thank.
She shivered with cold
and made up her mind
as boldly she walked
she would not rewind
she strengthened her will
and gathered her coat
she would just press delete
and get on the boat.

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