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Find a way to your happiness with Life – Novin

Until the human race exists,
all characteristics of the human species will exist,
we need to starve through to make our lives beautiful.
All of us have a responsibility to shape our life sense full,
though life has inquisitions situations we too have sublime personalities within us and
also people around us
Being responsible to set a happier life for ourselves.
we need to give or feed life with a mixture of emotions when we fail to give proper
life will revert to us with high emotions of agony.
Life is a reflection of what we feed.
If we feed it with cheerful emotions,
it will give you in return cheerful memories.
so, yes until we exist, we are only responsible to create our life flawless so feed it with
proper emotions with a proper personality,
we will assuredly get a beautiful life to sail on,
Build a life with proper care and live relishable life.
For all of us, it seems our life is in the middle of a sea or a forest,
This simply implies with all who travel in the life struggle,
Everyone is into learning, but we don’t accept that we are in a stage of learning in reality,
which processes us to create our own space.
Yes, there is a sea difference between being alone and being lonely.
Being alone gives you the thought to realize and admire things around you,
but being lonely only makes you think repeatedly about one cause of depression.
Some part of us always wanted to stay positive and sometimes we don’t make it
It can be altered in the way we think,
If we think we are lonely it is just we repeatedly thinking of something that we don’t want
to remember,
And to change that, we need people around but still, life doesn’t get to change,
then instead of feeling that we are lonely, we can feel that we are alone.
which will help us to realize where we are and what we are.
Though we are alone it gives you a sense of strength to admire and observe.
Life is too short, understand who you are and sail effectively.
Being alone is not a character it’s an attitude. 
The word happiness gives smile on our mouths and clears our eyes with gaiety,
The emotion of happiness will cheer your heart refresh your mind,
and blooms your body with activeness.
Every one of us wants to be happy but expecting others to keep us happy is a great
As we accept things from others, we stop experiencing what happiness we wanted,
we depend on one happiness and expect more on it but in reality, we have a lot around to
see and feel.
If we Start to observe around, we will acknowledge what is real happiness,
it might take some time but we will find true contentment which makes us a better
person with a better personality.
Happiness depends upon ourselves,
be content with what you have,
be with people who chose you stay happy and live with joy.
No matter what stand for yourself and be proud of who you are every little thing around
us can bring happiness.
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