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Mind & Manifestations – Dr Manish Sharma

An intelligence beyond what you can contain in this cranium can start working for you if you are willing and ready for commitments and ready to take organized steps concerning your physical, mental & energy levels (Sadhana & Sankalpa). It is nonphysical in whose lap physical is happening.

As we know that visible part of the universe is only 5% rest of the 95% part is not visible which is composed of dark energy and dark matter.

We have around 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts coming into our minds every day. Most of us are not even conscious of our thoughts but what if our thoughts can turn out to be very powerful? What if our thoughts affect our physical world? But now it is a scientific fact beyond doubt that stress can down-regulate genes and can produce sickness so if a thought can make you sick isn’t it possible that can a thought make you healthy? Every thought and emotion has a frequency; thought produces an electric field similarly feelings or emotions produce a magnetic field so thought and emotions collectively produce an electromagnetic field it means if we learn how to organize our actions and allow this with the thoughts and emotions in a positive manner and can make the best use of thoughts and emotions in our day to day life; we can manifest the reality in our life.

 If we try to understand the concept of thoughts, emotions, and feelings and their effect on manifestations for the same quantum physics may help us. Quantum physics explains how thought affects matter and our realities can be bent. There is one phenomenon in quantum physics which is called OBSERVER EFFECT we all have read in our schools that electron moves in a particular orbit around the nucleus in an atom but nowadays with modern science we know that it is not true the electron exists only as a field of  Negative energy cloud around the nucleus; it is only when an observer pays his attention with a thought in his mind that he wants to observe that electron as a particle manifests itself from that cloud of energy; otherwise, a cloud of energy remains around the nucleus. An electron is an extremely small particle that requires little attention or thought to manifest it but this support the truth that thoughts and matter are related if you want to manifest bigger and denser matter than an electron it will require concentrated thoughts and energy .our mind is linked to the quantum field we can tap into the infinite field of possibilities in quantum field to manifest good health, happiness, money, abundance.


All physical matter that we need in our day-to-day life can be manifested with ease once we understand the above concept well and learn how to use it.

Unfortunately, we were never taught this thing in our schools that how thoughts and emotions are so much important that they can manifest realities in our physical world most of the time we are only scared of certain negative things which can happen in our lives, and most of the people are worried all the time that those negative things should not happen in their life hence they are paying their attention on certain negative things means they are inviting those negative events in their life merely via the Law of Attraction to but these things were known to our ancient realized masters (Rishi) in Hinduism as well as in Buddhism they have repeatedly mentioned the importance of thought &emotions in various kinds of literature. What German physicist Max Planck said, “I can tell you as a result of my research item this much. There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists by the virtue of a force that brings the sub-atomic particles of an atom to vibrations and holds this most minute solar system of atoms together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious mind; this mind is the matrix of all the matter.”

Quantum physicists call this CONSCIOUS MIND or INTELLIGENT MIND which is present in the form of the quantum field, which has all kinds of vibrations and information and has a capacity to manifest anything for us if we pay enough attention to this.

There are 3 most common questions one has in his or her mind as thoughts.

1) What experiences do you want to have in this lifetime?

2) How do you want to grow?

3)How do you want to contribute?

By asking these 3 common questions and thoughts one has to decide what kind of experience they want to feel and how one has to grow and contribute.

Manifestations are all about creating an elevated state of joy gratitude, love, compassion, and respect and maintaining this elevated state throughout the day for example love, gratitude abundance joy appreciations are the high vibrational state of energy and anger, fear, worry, stress, and arguments are low vibration state of energy if we want to manifest something then we will have to live (rehearsals in mind)our expected future ahead of time before it has happened and we will have to be thankful to existence for this in advance. We have to feel as a whole with synchronized our hearts & mind with elevated emotions.

Even the Law of Attraction explained that if we change our electromagnetic field by changing thoughts and emotions we will attract new reality from the quantum field by paying enough attention to the thoughts and feelings and maintaining that positive state of emotions and health when you want to manifest something special so first be very clear about your specific need and demand to universe or existence and feel that you have already achieved your goal and remain in that state of emotion as if you have achieved this and sustain it throughout the day of the course with organized actions.

While doing manifestation exercises for yourself one has to be in a true state of faith and one has not to analyze his life by his logical mind. One has to surrender to that higher intelligence which is innate and infinite in its nature and is existing beyond our cranial box in the form of consciousness in the quantum field which apparently feels empty but now it is proved beyond doubt that it is full of energy-containing billions of filaments of various possibilities. Infinite possibilities are existing in this quantum field which is in constant transactions with our subconscious mind & supreme intelligence of the Larger Mind. If we consider the difference between the brain and the mind; the brain is just an anatomical structure consisting of various kinds of lobes made up of neuronal tissue like the frontal lobe, temporal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, etc but the mind is something related to our memory, imagination, identity And pure Chitta. memory is just a collection of various kinds of data collected from our parents, schools, teacher, society, social media, friends, and other information sources. Imagination is our ability to create something new and to plan in any crisis. Identity is our ego after a certain state our whole intellect, works around only its identity but there is a dimension of intelligence that is unsullied by memory and imagination or even identity that is pure and pure Chitta. That intelligence which has certainly made you complete human beings formed of hundreds of trillion cells in your body which certainly began from a single cell Zygote formed by fusion of sperm from your father and ovum from your mother, how sophisticatedly, events took place resulted in the formation of all organs formed of differentiated kind of tissues well placed at its respective duties like heart, retina, bone, liver, kidney, brain, bones, etc endless list; which are very much complex in their nature. There must be some force or some kind of innate intelligence that is responsible to give it a path so that it can manifest in the form of a complex homo sapiens as we are ruling this planet today but in the race of modernization, industrialization, and digitalization we should not overlook this infinite intelligence which is working for us round the clock provided we pay enough attention to tap it. It is very much possible to touch this dimension of intelligence that is beyond your memory and imagination and it is certainly connected to the external quantum field which is full of infinite possibilities which can bring good health wealth happiness and harmony in relationships. Most of the time we all are too much occupied with our 5 senses and their pleasures that we hardly have any time to taste this infinite intelligence.


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