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Never Lose ‘YOU’ – Simarleen

It’s been a year since it all started,
I’m being whom I want,
Realising it isn’t at all what I wanted,
What I pretend and what I don’t.
Like a small spark when you look out of the window,
Is what we call a star,
But what it actually is,
The reality is known but seen from far.
The flowers all look pretty,
In fact, they look like everyone knows,
But some are secretly poisonous,
And some are pleasing to the nose.
I don’t know me,
‘Cause people say all opposite,
That’s because I’ve been showing what I want,
Instead of what it actually is.
I trust her because she made me,
Says we act like our liking,
And that’s not what makes us who we are,
It’s our choices that leave the markings.
You can’t blame yourself,
It’s in human nature,
To show the dream-us,
And knowing within what it does.
I guess you’ve just got to love yourself,
No matter who you are,
Do what’s right rather than easy,
And that makes you come far.
Because you’re different so don’t pretend,
‘Cause everyone else is taken,
Open your eyes shine inside,
Be yourself be wakened.
Show who you are, you needn’t get low,
Because that’s bravery, that gets the glow.
Love the person who’ll never leave even if others do,
Be who you are because, even if you try, you’ll never lose ‘YOU’.
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