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words castleWords & VerseSay “it” NOW, don’t wait! – Kirti Chaturvedi

Say “it” NOW, don’t wait! – Kirti Chaturvedi

This world is a very strange place

We are born alone, and we die alone.

But we remain throughout our lives in a race,

To find good companions, if not many, at least one!

But while we are with those relations –

Chosen by us or afforded through divine interventions.

We disregard the temporariness of situations,

And miss expressing our emotions or intentions.

I urge you to say your piece, and offer that embrace!

Never leave on an angry note any conversation.

Every time is the right time, and any place is the right place –

To make things better and retreat from an altercation.

Even if you want to say farewell to a few,

Fare them well with all your heart!

Short or long duration, they afforded a view –

In shaping you, they too did their part!

Frankly, life is unpredictable. No one knows what is next!

How many moments we have with our loved ones!

Celebrate each moment – emote, call, just send a text!

Make them feel special, tell them you love them tonnes!

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