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The Clear Blue Sky – Mudrika Rajesh

The clear blue sky kisses the mountains, making them bright,

The rising sun engulfs the earth with embraces of light

The sky emits sparkling rays of hope 

The water caresses down the mountains and spreads across the globe

Flowing slowly, laying bare the banks

Teasingly touching the rocks, playing pranks 

Mother Nature starts her entrancing love dance 

Lo and behold, the bewitching romance!

The flowers, the trees, sway and swing

The birds marvel at the freedom of their wings

The lion, the tiger, the deer and the goat

Together they reside in their beautiful abode

The man, the woman, the children and their pals

Assemble to celebrate this life royale 

They eat, they laugh, they sing and they dance, 

Free to move, free to stay, free to do as their heart says

Equality for all, across gender and colour

They are happy together because they have finally discovered

Abundance! there is enough for all, knowledge has empowered

Not mine, not yours, just protectors we are

Our universe is one, without demarcation.

Imagine living, in this blissful situation

Maybe, just maybe one day, this dream will come true 

Our greedy mistakes reversed and we would have a clear sky blue.

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