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The cuckoo bird – Rhea Pandya

There she goes against a world of winds 

as she protects her little hatchling,

Finds a few sunny days but mostly meets with storms.

She would fight the world for her – Her new little cuckoo who means the entire world to her.

Crushing her heart, leaving her little cuckoo, she goes to fend for food.

Comes to her nest never empty-handed.

At last, only to seek the little one chirpy and glad.

And fill the little cuckoo with delight and delicious supper.

Then dawns a day of courage and trial, 

Where Mother Cuckoo teaches her little joy to fly.

Though with strictness and stillness, comes care and patience all along.

As the little cuckoo flies high only to touch the sky.

Mother cuckoo takes all pain and pleasure, 

trains the young bird to soar.

For then, the little cuckoo was no longer little,

Flies all over and seek to go above.

Forever will remain the memories of their childhood, 

As the mother cuckoo settles for her time at the nest.

She could now lift her head up with grace and pride,

For the little one is ready to ride.

For she proud as can be, the little cuckoo has 

grown-up to be just as brave as her.

The little cuckoo now turns to her

home with loving memories 

Of what seems a blissful life.

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