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THE SUN AS HE ROSE – Hitha Kashi

As we strode 
Through the door
Embracing the cold
To see you from abode..
You seem to be hiding
Under the foggy horizon
As if, you had been waiting for us
Since forever!
The sky changed hues
From silky blue 
To the magnificent
Orange and yellow mode
Welcoming you in style
As you stay here
Only for a while
Until you retire
As you slowly peeked above
I saw something 
I had never seen before!
The magic in your rays..
And the reason for the light
In our lives…
The warmth surrounding us Gracefully…
And the energy you bring
To say good morning…
The reason we can see each other…
and the wonders of the world
under your empire!
You raise and raise
Slowly but steadily
Now I know…
That time creates history!
I can see you in half
Just as I drew
In my second class
A molten fireball
That burns itself
To keep us alive…
Radiating not just the light
But the purpose
To survive
The Ganga glistened
With joy and pride
When you touched her
Gentle waves and tide
I can see you all now!
As if, somebody,
Cut out a piece of paper
with a compass
coloured it orange with a marker
and thrust you up there with glue
You look so majestic and august 
Against the placid blue!
I can envision 
That I am moving too..
As you still keep rising…
The law of relative motion
By Galileo 
Tested utterly true!
I owe you a lifetime
‘Cause you are our guardian angel
Don’t ever forget to wake up! 
Then, it would be
A universal farewell!
Thank you, for all that you do!
We don’t remember you often!
Just know that…
We honour you!
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