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Try HIM! – Divya Sibi

Try Jesus and see, & you will never be the same! Try Jesus and see, That He is not Christian, but Christ Resurrected That He is not Religious, but God Himself That He is not Pentecostal, but Human That He is not denominational, but Public

That He is not International, but a Local Community Servant That He is not pretentious nor fake, but truth Himself That He won’t chain us but liberates us, frees us from every chain That He won’t convert us, but transforms us That He is not a way, but the only way That He is not Dead, but rose again to make us live again

That He didn’t come to make bad to good, but to make dead alive That He is not asking us to Rest in Peace in death but Rest in Peace in the land of the living That He is not leading to life, but Life itself That He torn the veil in the temple giving access to the Holy of Holies through his blood, That we don’t need a priest to lead us to God,

That He himself is the sacrificial lamb slain to make room for All That He Himself is the High Priest making us all saints That He didn’t say do this, but said “It is finished” at the Cross That He is THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE That He is not a path, But He Himself is the Door!

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