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What Character Are You?

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What Character

What is a “character”? As per Britannica Dictionary “the way someone thinks, feels, and behaves someone’s personality — usually singular” and “a set of qualities that make a place or thing different from other places or things”. And a story or novel is an intricate pattern where multiple characters and places intermingle to take the narrative or plot forward.  They can be a real-life example or completely fictional. Without characters, there shall be no story. 


They are the hero and heroine of the story. They are the leads around whom the whole story is structured. They create and traverse the plot. Everything that happens boils down to them — reason, effect, confusion, conclusion — everything comes down to them. They are the story and the story is for them!

Example: Harry Potter in Harry Potter Series



They are the “villains”. They are cast opposite the protagonist. They are the catalyst that brings forth the best and worst in the protagonist. Almost like the main characters, they too take the story forwards and add the element of surprise, secrecy, thrill, and climax. They subtly support the protagonist so that they come out promising and loved by the reader. After all, if there is no villain with whom the hero will fight and come out victor!? Without adversity, there is no triumph.

Example: Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter Series


They are not the main characters but are somewhat equivalent.  They are present all-throughout the narrative and prove to be a tremendous support to the main character. They have their own share of trials and sometimes an entirely different subplot. Though present throughout, they do not overshadow the main character. The story does not revolve around them, but they do play a significant part in the narrative.

Example: Ron Weasley from Harry Potter Series

Secondary Character

Secondary Character

These can be the hero’s sidekick, villain, love interest, and all those characters that add some substance to the story and take it forward. They don’t have a focal point in the whole plot but play a significant part in the story. The number of secondary characters and what is their purpose and for how long depend completely on the author and the narrative.

Example: Severus Snape in Harry Potter Series

Albus Dumbledore


Not protagonists or antagonists yet they have a pivotal role in the narrative. Their main role is to highlight the haves and have-nots of the protagonist. Their traits often clash with the main lead to bring out their hidden characteristics. They have significant say in the narrative and finely add depth to the main lead through their actions and thoughts.

Example: Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter Series

Ginny Weasley

Romantic Interest

The name explains it all. What is the hero with his heroine and vice versa! Though it is not necessary to have a romantic interest in all novels, most of them do have them. As self-explanatory, these characters instigate desire and longing in the main lead and through this approach take the narrative forward.  They also aid in internal as well external conflicts in the protagonist and the whole plot as well.

Example: Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter Series

This is what makes a good narrative. Characters. They have the power to make and break the novel. So now that you know what type of characters you should have in your book, go start creating them. And we would love to know about your fictional or real-life character in the comments below!
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